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Glide Early Access - How To Monitor My Clients' Disclosure Packages

Track package status, review answers, and provide feedback to your clients

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In this article, listing agents and teams learn how to track client progress on disclosure forms. You also learn how to read form answers and provide client feedback.

After you send the client an invitation to complete a disclosure forms package, Glide provides updates to track completion status. The listing team can check the package status at any time and see where exactly the client has left off.

Monitoring Package Progress

1. On the Glide home page, select a transaction.

2. On the left menu, click Disclosures.

3. On the Disclosures page, click the Package Docs tab.

  • Glide displays the package status under the Seller Disclosures heading.

4. Click the Seller Disclosures box to read more information.

Understanding the Package Status

There are many different disclosures package status options.

Not Started

  • The online package is not made available to the client.


  • The listing team emails the client a link to the online package.


  • The client opens the disclosure package and answers at least one question.

Ready to Submit

  • The client answers all the questions and is ready to click the Submit button.


  • The client clicks the submit button. The listing team can review the answers, respond to flags, provide feedback, or generate PDF forms.


  • The client cannot edit responses on the disclosure forms.

Unsubmitted changes

  • The client edits one or more responses but does not finalize changes by resubmitting forms. Glide saves edits to a form only after the client resubmits forms.


  • The client makes changes and resubmits the forms.


  • The Agent/TC generates PDF forms.

Receiving Email Notifications

When a client creates their Glide account, submits their disclosure responses and/or makes changes to a disclosure, Glide sends the agent an email notification confirming the action.

Reviewing Client Responses

After a seller starts to fill out a form, the agent and listing team can review the responses and provide feedback using the Flag for Review tool.

Preview PDF

To review answers as they appear on a PDF form:

1. Open the Invite Sellers to Fill Disclosures page.

2. Click More and then select Preview and a form.

3. Scroll through form pages and review the answers.

  • It's not possible to comment on a PDF form in Preview mode.

Review and comment

To review answers and provide comments or feedback at the same time, choose a different method.

Click the All Questions link to read and review the client's responses.

Click the Flag for Review to ask questions or provide the seller with guidance.

More information

To learn more about the Flag for Review tool, read:

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