Once you send an invitation to complete a disclosure forms packet to your client(s), you will receive updates along the way and can check your transaction at any time to see where exactly the client left off. 

Checking Status Within Glide

From your Transaction Dashboard, you can view the status to the right of the form. 

  • "Sent" means your client has not begun completing their packet. "Started" means the packet is partially completed. 
  • "Submitted" means the packet is ready for Agent/TC review. 
  • "Locked" means the client does not have the ability to edit their responses to prevent them from making unnecessary changes. 
  • "Unsubmitted changes" means the client edited their responses, but did not finalize their edits by submitting their changes back to the Agent/TC. Changes will only apply once they have been submitted for review. 
  • "Completed" means the Agent/TC has generated the completed forms into PDFs within zipForm.

To view more specific details about a packet, click into that packet. For example:

If a seller has started to fill out a form, you can click "Review" to see the responses provided by the seller.

Email Updates

You receive a series of emails throughout the transaction process.

First, confirming that you sent certain forms to your client.

Second, confirming that your client began completing their forms. 

Third, confirming that your client submitted their forms for review.

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