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The Difference Between a Free Glide Account & a Pro Account Explained
The Difference Between a Free Glide Account & a Pro Account Explained

If you've been asked to pay a fee to use Glide it is because you are trying to access restricted features

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Glide's Free Account

Many agents receive a Free Glide Account through their local association. Glide's Free Account does not include some of our "premium" features, but we've built our pricing plan with this in mind. Take a look at our pricing plans here.

Glide's Agent Pro Subscription

While Free Glide accounts offer everything you need to complete a disclosure packet, our premium features can help make the experience even smoother.

AVID Templates

Glide Pro allows Agents to setup AVID templates to automatically add pre-determined, custom language to every AVID completed on Glide.

Collaborative Commenting*
Allows Agents and Clients to communicate back-and-forth within Glide to easily resolve questions. Click HERE to learn more.

*Note: CRMLS users with a Free Glide Account receive this feature.

Integrated Advisories and Audit Trail
Delivers timestamped advisory content to the seller before completing the disclosure packet and provides PDF certificates showing the full audit trail of every transaction

Multi-Unit AVIDs
Agents and admin can set the number of units when creating the transaction, and can specify for Glide to prompt the agent to automatically complete a different AVID for each unit.

Offers Management

The simplest way to receive offer documents, compare key details, manage negotiations and finalize the contract. Click HERE to learn more about this feature.

Premium Seller Disclosures

Provide your sellers with the most comprehensive disclosure risk-management software, which identifies and explains common and costly risk factors unique to your sellers' disclosures. Click HERE to learn more about this feature.

Priority Support
Enjoy reduced wait times with priority technical support from Glide's dedicated Customer Support Team

Semantic Analysis

Proactively warns Agents and Sellers about the risks of unintentionally misdiagnosing Property conditions by analyzing the written statements provided on the forms (TDS, SPQ and AVID) and opening a warning when a risky word is used.

Transaction Timeline

The Transaction Timeline helps track milestones occurring after an accepted offer through the close of escrow. Glide pulls key dates from the Residential Purchase Agreement (C.A.R. form RPA) into a customizable timeline. Users can customize the timeline and add key dates.

Looking for bulk discounts on premium features for offices and teams?

If your brokerage has 50 or more agents, send an email to and you may be eligible to receive a significant discount by signing up for Glide's Brokerage Edition, which provides even more features and functionality. 

How do I learn more?

Learn more about upgrading your account, payments accepted and billing practices by clicking on the Billing tab located below your Account Settings or email

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