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How to Split, Edit & Manage PDFs
How to Split, Edit & Manage PDFs

Glide makes it easier to manage documents and split large files into separate PDFs

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Once you try out Glide's PDF editing tools, you'll never have to use another PDF editor. Everything can be done from within your account.

Merge, split, reorder, and stamp PDF documents from one simple interface.

Some features may not be included in the Free Member Benefit version of Glide.

PDF Auto-Splitting

Automatically split disclosure packages even when they’re scanned in.  Glide will recognize split points for most standard real estate forms, with new ones added daily based on popular demand.  

To learn more about splitting merged files, see:

Working within the Transaction Documents Viewer

Use the Action menu to manage PDF documents on Glide.

To display the Action menu, select one or more files on the Documents or Disclosures page.

Merging files

To merge two or documents and create one file:

1. Check the box beside two or more filenames and select Merge on the Action menu.

2. On the Merge Documents window, enter a unique filename and click OK.


1. Check the box to delete the original documents after you create a new file.

2. Click and drag the tab to move documents and change the order in the merged file.

Reordering pages

To change the order of pages inside a PDF:

1. Hover the mouse on a file, click the three-dot button, and select Reorder on the drop-down menu.

2. On the Reorder page, click a page and drag it to a new location.

3. Repeat steps for other pages and then click Save.

Stamping documents

Add a red-ink stamp to a PDF page.

1. Click a document.

2. On the Document information page, click the Annotate button on the top menu.

3. On the right menu, click Add Stamp and then click a spot on the page to place the stamp.

  • Drag and drop the stamp until it sits in the best position.

4. Click the stamp one time to open the Stamp Role and Edit panels.

  • Check a circle to set the role to Buyer or Seller.

  • Click the Title field to change the name of the stamp.

5. Click Save.

Deleting PDFs

1. To delete a PDF, check the box next to a filename.

2. Click Delete on the Action menu and then Confirm in the confirmation window.

Adding PDFs from Google Drive

It's not possible to directly transfer a document from a Google Drive folder to a Glide account. You can place documents inside your Glide account if you download and then upload.

1. Open the Google Drive folder and locate the document you want to transfer to Glide.

2. Right-click the filename and download the file to your device.

3. Move the document to an easy-to-find folder location on your device (optional).

4. Go to your Glide account, locate the destination folder, click the plus (+) icon, and then select Upload from Computer.

5. Upload the document.

  • The file is now inside the Glide destination folder.

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