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How Agents & Teams Safely Share and Monitor Access to Sellers' Completed Disclosures on Glide
How Agents & Teams Safely Share and Monitor Access to Sellers' Completed Disclosures on Glide

Instantly generate a share link or email, control access, track views and communicate changes.

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Operate efficiently from one platform, track analytics, and market yourself as a stand-out agent with a beautiful disclosure packet! 

Glide allows you to send an email or URL to the buyer’s-side team or buyer directly so that they can view, download, and even share the disclosures (if you’ve authorized that user’s sharing tool).

Selecting a package

The first step is to select a disclosure package.

1. On the Transactions page, select a property.

2. On the Transaction Overview page, click Disclosure Package on the left menu.

3. On the Disclosure Package page, click the Share Package button located on the top right of the page.

The Share Disclosure Package panel displays.

Sharing the package

Now it’s time to share the package. There are two ways to share the disclosure package with a buyer’s agent: email and link.

Sharing by email

1. On the Share Disclosure Package panel, click the By Email tab.

2. Click the buyer tab to set permissions.

  • You can allow the buyer’s agent to share the package or prevent sharing.

3. Enter the buyer agent's name and email address.

  • You can also add a message.

4. Click OK to send the email.

  • Glide sends the buyer's agent an email with a link to the package and then returns your screen to the Disclosure Package page. You can see a record of the message and track what happens to the package.

What the buyer's agent sees

The buyer’s agent opens the email message and clicks the View Package button.

A new browser tab opens. It shows a list of the documents in the disclosure package.

Instead of sending an email, a listing agent can share the disclosure package with a link. The link opens a page hosted on Glide with all the documents.

1. Click the By Link tab.

2. Under Copy Link, select an option from the drop-down menu. These options let you control access to the disclosure package.

  • You can require buyer agents to provide contact information to access the package.

3. Click Copy Link and then OK.

  • Paste this link online for potential buyers.

Permissions wall

When a buyer’s agent clicks the link, they go to a page hosted by Glide.

  • If you add a permissions wall to the link, the buyer’s agent must enter their name and email address before accessing the disclosure package page.

What the buyer’s agent sees

Both the email and link options send the buyer’s agent to the same disclosure package page hosted by Glide.

On the Glide page, the buyer’s agent has several options:

1. Click a file to open and read a document.

2. Click the download button to save all documents on a computer inside a zip file. The buyer’s agent can review the documents or share them with a prospective buyer.

  • Since listing agents will require confirmation that the buyer has fully reviewed all disclosures before submitting an offer, Glide allows the buyer’s agents to send the full package for signature directly from this page.

3. Click “eSign” and send documents to the potential buyer for signature.

  • Currently, Glide is integrated with DocuSign and will soon be offering Glide Signatures as a free electronic signature option for Glide users and their clients.

4. Now that the buyer has reviewed the disclosure package, click the Submit button to open Glide’s online offer submission tool.

Managing a shared disclosure package

After sharing a disclosure package, you can access several management tools to help make the transaction a smooth experience for all parties involved.

  • Use our disclosure package messaging tool to notify one or more interested parties when you make changes to the disclosure package. You can also send a message when there are no changes.

  • Review the tracking dashboard to see the people who interacted with your disclosure package. You can see who opened or downloaded the package and the date of that activity.

  • Block online access to a shared package whenever you want. You can also re-enable online access by clicking a button.

Learn more

To learn more about these management tools, visit the Glide Video Training library, and read:

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