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How Listing Teams Manage Shared Disclosure Packages
How Listing Teams Manage Shared Disclosure Packages

Inform disclosure package recipients about changes to the package, provide important updates on the listing and track viewer activities

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In this article, you learn how to manage a shared disclosure package. After you share a package, you can:

1. notify all interested parties if you make changes to the disclosure package

2. track how people interacted with your disclosure package

3. block online access to a shared package whenever you want

Creating and sharing a disclosure package

Let's take a step back. Do you already know how to create and share a disclosure package?

In the article “How to Create and Share Disclosure Packages” listing agents learned how to:

  • assemble disclosure package documents

  • create a cover sheet

  • share a disclosure package by email or by link

Changing the disclosure package

Now that you've shared your disclosure package, you can change its contents and send updates to package viewers. You can use Glide to easily notify every interested party about the changes at once.

Here’s an example:

We added a new document to a disclosure package that has already been shared.

  • In this case, we add an addendum from the Glide Forms library.

After that addition, a message appears at the top of the page.

1. Click the "Publish" button.

2. In the Publish Disclosure Package panel, make sure the box is checked next to Notify the viewers of these changes.

3. Add a personal message if you want to elaborate on the package updates.

4. Click "Ok" to send the message notifying prior viewers about the updates.

What the viewers see when reviewing your update

Each party in the current share activity list receives an email message from you. The message tells each party that a change was made to the disclosure package and describes the specific adjustments.

The message includes a link to the Glide-hosted online disclosure package so the party can review the changes and the rest of the package.

Tracking activity

You can track what happens to your shared disclosure package.

Return to the Glide Disclosure Package dashboard.

The three tracking data boxes at the top of the page summarize what has happened to your shared package.

To read the details, click any data box to open the View Activity dashboard.

  • You can also click the View Activity link to open the dashboard.

The dashboard shows you the people who interacted with your disclosure package. You can see who opened or downloaded the package and the date of that activity. Depending on the settings controlled by the listing agent, the viewers may be self-identified or appear anonymously.

  • The disclosure activity section will not show any activities that occurred after the disclosure package was re-shared.

Send a message to viewers without making changes to the package

A message can be sent to one or more people in the share activity list, even if there are no changes to the shared disclosure package.

1. Check the box next to one or more names.

2. Click the "Message Viewers" button.

3. Type a message in the box and then click Send.

Disable sharing

You can stop people from viewing the shared disclosure package.

1. Click the "Disable Sharing" button, displayed in red on the right side.

  • It removes access to the online disclosure package hosted on Glide, even for prior viewers.

To re-open access to the shared package, click the "Enable Sharing" button, displayed in red on the right side.

That’s it. We’re done.

More information

To learn how to share a disclosure package, visit the Glide video training library and watch “How to Create and Share Disclosure Packages.”

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