Operate efficiently from one platform, track analytics and market yourself as a stand out agent with a beautiful disclosure packet! 

Glide allows you to send an email or URL to the buyer’s-side team or buyer directly so that they can view, download and even share the disclosures (if you’ve authorized that user’s sharing tool). 

1. Locate "Share Package" under the Disclosure Package 

2. Choose between "Share by Email" or "Share by Link".  Add the recipient, draft your message and click "OK" to send by email


  • URL - Similar to sharing Google docs, when sharing via URL you can specify whether anyone with the link has access to the forms, or whether they must request approval after accessing the link. If you require approval, they will have to submit their name, position and email for your approval (as well as phone number for agent access). Once you approve they will be notified they can access the package.  
  • Email - If sent by email, you can specify the recipient and ability to re-share the completed packet or not. Once the other side has accessed the packet, they may download it.

3. The recipient is invited to view the package

4. The recipient can review, download and forward the package with your permissions, all the while you are tracking their actions

5. Click "Delete" icon to remove access permissions if needed.

You'll be able to track:

  1. How many individuals have viewed the packet,
  2.  When an individual viewed the packet,
  3.  How many total views of the packet have occurred by all individuals, 
  4. How many times the packet has been downloaded by a viewer, and 
  5. How much of the packet was reviewed by a specific individual (what percentage of the packet was viewed). 

If the buyer’s agent shares the completed disclosure packet with their buyer, the listing team will know that the packet has been shared with a potential buyer, but will not be able to see that potential buyer’s contact information. Authorizations for an individual can be terminated at any time. 

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