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How Sellers Flag Disclosure Questions for their Agent’s Review
How Sellers Flag Disclosure Questions for their Agent’s Review

Help clients complete disclosure documents faster and more accurately.

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This article shows sellers how to use Glide’s Flagging feature to identify uncertainties and ask their listing agents questions about the disclosure documents. Sellers can also use this feature to view comments received from the listing team and ultimately update their answers.

Creating a flag

In this example, the seller completes the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement and uses the Flag feature to ask the listing agent how to properly answer a question about the roof.

For the seller:

1. Open the form question and click the Flag for Review link.

  • After reviewing the question, the seller can click the Flag for Review button to leave a comment or question. This information may also be helpful for communication among multiple sellers. Any party invited into the listing transaction on Glide can view this information.

2. Enter a comment or question and then click the Flag icon.

  • Comments and questions entered by the seller are now accessible for review by all parties invited to this transaction on Glide.

  • Because Glide requires an answer to all questions, the seller needs to select the best answer at this time and utilize the Flag feature to make simple revisions in the future. If multiple sellers are completing this form, other sellers can revise this answer if needed.

3. Click Continue and go on to the next question.

  • When the seller completes the workflow, they click the Submit button. If the seller fails to click the Submit button after completing the workflow, all flagged questions will be automatically sent to the listing agent after 15 minutes of inactivity when filling out disclosure forms.

Next steps

After the seller submits form responses, the listing agent receives an email notification displaying all the client’s flagged questions. At that time, the agent may respond or resolve the flag, as appropriate.

More information

To learn more about how a listing agent or team member can respond to the seller’s flagged questions, visit the Glide training library and see:

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