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How Listing Agents and Teams Respond to Flagged Questions from Sellers
How Listing Agents and Teams Respond to Flagged Questions from Sellers

Respond to your seller's disclosure questions to help them complete the forms more thoroughly and efficiently in Glide

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This article shows listing agents and teams how to help sellers complete disclosure forms by using the Flag for Review feature on Glide.

We show you how to:

  • locate flagged questions from your sellers

  • provide replies to your seller’s questions

  • activate automatic email notifications

  • mark flags as resolved and re-access resolved flags

Locating flagged questions

Sellers using Glide to complete their disclosure forms may decide to use the Flag for Review feature to inform their listing agents of any confusion or concern.

When the seller flags a question on a disclosure form, the agent receives an email message.

  • In this scenario, the seller works on the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement and flags a question about the roof.

Log in to Glide

Before you open the email message, first log in to your Glide account.

1. Go to and click Login.

2. On the Sign In page, enter the email address you used to create your Glide account and click Next.

3. Enter your Glide password and click Sign In.

Reading seller comments

1. Go to your email account.

2. Open the email message from Glide and click the View Packet button.

  • After the agent clicks the View Packet button, Glide displays the Request Seller Disclosures workspace.

3. Scroll down the workspace and select a flagged question.

4. Locate the “Reply” box next to your initials and type a response in the field.

3. Check the box next to Send notification.

  • When you check the box, Glide sends the seller an email notification about your reply. If the box is not checked, an email is not sent now but can be sent with a group of comments later.


Email notification is always recommended because it informs sellers who are not logged into Glide about your comments.

  • If you respond to multiple flags simultaneously, we suggest you leave all boxes unchecked, save every comment, and then scroll up to the top of the page. Look for the banner and click Notify. In this way, the seller receives one email with all the comments together.

  • If you check all the boxes, the seller gets a separate email for each comment.

4. Click Save for each flagged item that gets a question or comment.

  • If you don't click Save for each item, the questions and comments are lost and are not visible to the seller or team members.

After the agent clicks Save, the answer appears on the seller’s Glide workspace.

  • All flagged and saved questions, comments, and replies are visible on the Glide system in real-time to all active parties invited into the listing transaction.

Resolving flags

If you click the Resolve Flag icon, the flagged question disappears from your workspace and the seller’s workspace, too.

To streamline collaboration and avoid time-consuming errors, we suggest agents do not resolve flags created by the seller unless the seller’s answer is correct and does not present any concerns. If revisions are required by the sellers, they can Resolve the Flag when they answer a flagged question correctly and feel the issue is closed.

  • After the seller resolves a flagged question, Glide removes that query from the agent's workspace.

Locating resolved flags

After the seller resolves a flagged question, Glide hides that conversation; however, both agents and sellers can find and open a hidden flag later if needed.

1. Locate the document name on the Glide workspace and click the Edit button, as demonstrated in the earlier instructions above.

2. Click a section tab and locate a question with resolved comments.

  • Utilize the search tool at the top of the page to find a specific question.

3. Identify the resolved comment(s) and click Show to display the conversation.

4. If there is more to discuss, hover the mouse on the conversation and click Flag for Review to add another comment or question.

More information

To learn how sellers can generate flagged questions, visit the Glide training library, and see:

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