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How to Invite Clients to Complete Disclosure Forms
How to Invite Clients to Complete Disclosure Forms

On Glide, your clients can complete critical disclosure documents online via a user-friendly, TurboTax-style wizard

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Before you start

The first step before sending a seller their disclosure forms is to create a listing transaction and thoroughly understand how clients complete their forms on Glide.

If you are not sure how to create a transaction, see:

If you are not sure what the client experience looks like on Glide, see:

Sending the forms to your clients

1. On the Glide home page, select a transaction.

2. On the left menu, select Disclosures.

3. On the Disclosure Package page, click the Package Docs tab and then Invite Sellers to Fill Disclosures.

4. On the Select Forms page, modify the documents in the default list (optional) and then click Continue.

  • Click the X to remove a document.

  • To add a form to the package, click the blank field and select a document from the drop-down menu.

5. On the Details page, answer the questions and then click Continue.

  • The questions you see on this page vary with the types of documents in the disclosure package.


On the Parties page, review the information, make changes if required, and then click Continue.

  • You can add a new party, such as another seller, listing agent, or TC (optional).

If there are two or more sellers, you can decide which parties can answer questions on the online forms. The default is Fills Forms for each seller. Change the setting to Won’t Fill to prevent a party from accessing the disclosure package on Glide.

Sending disclosure documents to a single seller

The Parties page shows the seller (or sellers) associated with the transaction and their document access status. Glide automatically adds names to the Parties page based on the information you entered when creating the transaction.

By default, the status of each seller is Fills Form. With this status, Glide emails each seller an invitation to access and complete the online disclosure package.

You can change that status to Won’t Fill.

  • With this status, Glide does not send that party an invitation. That means the seller can't access the online disclosure package.

Sending disclosure documents to multiple sellers

If you add sellers to the Parties page at this stage of the workflow, Glide sends each seller a separate invitation to complete the disclosure documents.

  • You can add sellers to the transaction and update party information later if needed.

When you finish adding parties, click Continue.

On the Confirmation page, review the message that Glide sends to sellers, edit / personalize the message if needed, and then click Send.

What the seller sees

The seller opens the email from Glide and clicks the Begin Disclosures link.

  • The seller signs in to Glide (or creates a new account) and completes the workflow.

A banner will appear at the top of the screen to notify sellers if another seller in their party is already answering questions in the disclosure forms.

Adding parties later

Later in the process, you can add one or more sellers to the transaction and send them an invitation to complete online disclosure documents.

  • You can have up to four sellers (or buyers) associated with a single transaction.

Adding sellers to a transaction and then sending an invitation to complete disclosure documents is a two-step process.

Step 1: Add parties

The first step is to add parties and invite them to join the transaction.

  • In this example, we add one party to the transaction.

1. Select a transaction and then click Details & Parties on the left menu.

2. Click Add Party.

3. Select a Role and then add a contact.

  • In this example, we select the role Seller 2 and use an existing contact.

4. Verify the information on the contact’s profile page.

  • If you create a new contact, fill in the required fields.

5. Click the three-dot button and select Invite.

6. Review (and edit) the text and then click Send.

  • Glide sends the contact an invitation to join the transaction.

After the seller opens the email message and clicks Get Started, the transaction status of that party changes to Client.

Step 2: Sending an invitation

After the new party joins the transaction, the listing agent can send the new party disclosure package access.

1. Return to the Disclosure Package page and click Manage.

2. Click the Resend button and select the new party’s email address on the drop-down menu.

Glide sends an email message to the party. After the party opens the message and clicks Get Started, they can sign in to Glide (or create a new account) and answer questions on disclosure forms.

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