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How to Set Up a Listing Transaction
How to Set Up a Listing Transaction

Quickly add properties to your Transactions page.

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In this article, we show you how a listing agent or administration team members can create a listing transaction on Glide. You also learn how to apply a template to a transaction.

  • Listing β€” if you are representing the Seller(s).

  • Purchase β€” if you are representing the Buyer(s).

  • Lease Listing β€” if you are representing the Landlord.

  • Lease β€” if you are representing the Tenant(s).

Creating a listing

1. On the Transactions dashboard, click + New Transaction.

2. Add a listing agent. Select a name on the drop-down menu or click Create a new contact.

  • In this example, we select a name on the drop-down menu.

  • Transaction Coordinators can create a transaction on behalf of another person.

  • To create a new contact, fill in the fields and click OK. The required fields are First name and Email.

3. Click Continue.

4. Select a transaction status (based on where you are in the transaction process) and apply a transaction template (optional). Click Continue.

  • A transaction template is a blueprint of parties, documents, and form content that can be applied to any new or existing transaction in just a few clicks.

  • Note, that you can select more than one template for each transaction. For example, you can create templates by deal type, like listing vs. purchase, or property types, like Condos or single-family homes. Once the template is selected, press continue.

5. Enter the property address and click Continue.

( To learn more about Search by MLS, see How to Import MLS Data into Glide. )

6. On this panel, you can add listing details. This step is optional, you can click the Continue button if you don't want to add details just yet. All fields completed here automatically pre-fill corresponding document fields within the transaction.

7. Add seller information. Select a name on the drop-down menu or create a new contact.

  • In this example, we select the create new contact option:

8. Make sure you add information to the required fields marked with an asterisk.

9. Review or add the contact information and then click Save.

10. Click the Add Party button to add another seller with a different email (optional).

12. Click Continue once you are done adding additional details for the transaction.

Adding additional details (optional)

  • You can access the same panel from the Party & Details section on the Transaction Overview page.

Adding information

In this example, we add three kinds of Listing Information.

  • Click Listing Date and then add a date to the calendar.

  • Click Listed Price and enter a number.

  • Click the Commission tab and enter a listing commission rate.

  • Click the Save button at the bottom right corner of the page.

Next Steps

In the next article, learn how to create a listing agreement and send it out for signatures.

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