Frequently Asked Questions about the New Glide

(1) Will I still be able to use Glide for disclosures?

Yes, even after the zipForm integration ends, you will continue to have access to use Glide for disclosures. On the new Glide coming soon, completed PDFs will be generated directly by Glide and will not require linking to a zipForm transaction.

(2) Will this affect any ongoing transactions I have in Glide?

No. When we release the new Glide, existing users can continue to work on their transactions without interference or disruption. Once disclosures are ready for generating PDFs for signature, Glide will add the completed PDFs into your Glide transaction. No syncing to zipForm will be required.

(3) Can I use Glide to fill C.A.R and local association forms?

Yes! On the new Glide coming soon, once you link your C.A.R account to Glide you'll get the option to add and fill the forms from the C.A.R and other supported local associations libraries.

(4) Does Glide have an eSignature tool? Is it free?

You bet. The new Glide coming soon contains a free e-signature tool called Glide Signatures. You can also continue to use the Docusign integration if you prefer, but that does require a separate Docusign subscription to send envelopes.

(5) Will I still be able to access my prior transaction documents inside of Glide and zipForm?

All prior transaction data and generated documents will remain unaffected in their respective systems.

(6) Does this mean we have to choose between Glide and Lone Wolf?

On the new Glide coming soon, Glide users can choose to use Glide as their preferred form provider. Glide plans to provide users free access to everything they need for completing a transaction: MLS import of transaction data, state and local form libraries, electronic signatures and an iOS app for easy access on the go.

(7) Will my Glide brokerage edition account be affected?

No, Glide’s brokerage edition, like disclosures, will continue to be available to Glide users. The new Glide functionality should be available to all California Realtors and their teams soon.

(8) When will the new C.A.R member benefit version of Glide launch?

We are more excited than ever to release the C.A.R. member benefit as soon as we can!

(9) Will non-realtors be able to use Glide?

Glide requires that every transaction identify a California licensed REALTOR® as the primary agent. TCs and assistants receive free access to Glide to manage REALTOR® transactions after a one-time verification of that TC<>REALTOR® relationship, further explained here.

(10) Where can I learn more about the member benefit coming soon?

Glide hosts live trainings every day, which you can select and register for here,

C.A.R.'s website has additional information here:

(11) Why is the C.A.R. member benefit "coming soon" instead of launching on January 14, 2021?

Unfortunately the C.A.R. benefit launch is temporarily delayed, but Glide is working diligently to overcome these temporary hurdles and launch the benefit to all California REALTORS® soon. You can read more from our CEO on Glide's Blog here.

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