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How to Review and Download the Transaction Activity Log
How to Review and Download the Transaction Activity Log

Track transaction forms, communication, and changes.

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In this article, agents and team members learn how to access the Glide Activity Log.

The Activity Log lists all digital actions that take place within a Glide transaction. These actions include document downloads, forms sent for signature, and parties added.

Opening the Activity Log

1. On the Glide home page, select a transaction.

2. On the left menu, click Activity.

  • The Activity Log page displays.

3. Scroll down the list to see parties and documents as well as dates and times.

4. To download a document from the Activity Log, click a filename.

Filtering display results

Filter results by transaction side or individual party.

1. Click the field next to Filter by.

2. Select an option on the drop-down menu.

Tracking email communication

1. Click the Email Communications tab to see all transaction messages.

2. To read a message, hover the mouse and click on the highlighted area.

  • The paperclip icon indicates an attachment in the message.

3. To download the attachment, open the message and click the link at the bottom of the message.

4. Click the Filter by field to sort messages by transaction side or party.

5. To download a PDF file with all messages (but not the attachments), click the Export as PDF button.

6. Click the Attach to Checklist button to add the PDF file to an item in any checklist that is part of this transaction.

  • After you attach a PDF, Glide adds the file to the checklist item under the DOCUMENTS heading.

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