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How to Create Offer Templates
How to Create Offer Templates

Use templates to apply standard offer terms to multiple offers.

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In this article, agents and teams learn how to create an offer template and apply it to a transaction.

A template saves time because it streamlines two kinds of routine tasks that you and your team might perform for your offers:

  • Add default text to one or more forms, like the Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA);

  • Bundle multiple forms that you typically assemble for a purchase offer, such as the RPA and Buyer's Inspection Advisory (BIA).

Before you start

If you do not know how to create a document template on Glide, or edit template documents, read this article:

Creating an Offer template folder

1. Click the Glide icon in the top right corner of the page and select Transaction Templates.

2. Click the Create new template button.

3. Fill in the fields and then click Create Template.

  • Enter a template name and select Purchase under Transaction Type.

4. On the Offer Template page, click the $ Offer Package menu tab.

Adding forms

At this point, we have an empty offer template. Now it's time to add forms.

There are several options. You can upload forms from your computer, download them from the state library, add documents from an existing template, or download documents from your DocuSign account.

  • In this example, we download one document from the library.

1. Click the Add from Library button.

2. Enter a form name and check the box next to the filename.

  • To select more than one form, clear the search field, enter a new name, and check the box next to the filename.

3. Click the Add Document button to download the form to the template.

  • The form now appears on the Offer Package page.

Adding default text to a template document

Default text consists of standard words, phrases, figures, and options you want to use in your offers. To save time and communicate a consistent message, add default text to a template document.

To add default text:

1. Open a document in your offer template.

  • In this example, we open the RPA.

2. Scroll down the document to the correct section and then enter the default text in a yellow area.

  • In this example, we add default text about market conditions in the Additional Financing Terms section.

3. Click the Save and Close button after you finish.

Applying a template

You can apply an offer template when you create a new purchase transaction on Glide.

1. On the Glide home page, click the New Transaction.

2. Move through the transaction's guided workflow.

3. On the transaction type screen, click the field below the Apply a Transaction template, heading and select the offer template you want to use for this transaction.

  • In this example, we select Offer Template.

4. Complete the transaction workflow.

Verifying the template

To make sure the proper template forms are in the offer package:

1. Click the transaction on the Glide home page.

2. Click the $ Offer Package on the left menu.

3. Inspect the documents.

  • In this example, the RPA is already in the offer package for this transaction.

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