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How to Use Glide as a Buyer or Seller
How to Use Glide as a Buyer or Seller

Clients use Glide to complete forms, evaluate offers, communicate with their agent, and more.

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In this article, buyer and seller clients learn how to access their workspace on Glide and use our many free client-facing tools.

Learn how to:

Logging in to Glide

After the Agent creates a transaction on Glide, the client can be invited to access their Glide workspace via an email message with a custom link. Each time the Agent sends the client a request, the email contains a link to the relevant Glide workflow.

  • The first time the client logs in, they need to set up a new password for their Glide account.

  • Thereafter, the links found in Glide emails take the client to the login page. Here, the client enters their email address and password to re-access their Client Workspace.

Client Workspace

The Client Workspace is the starting point for important actions, like completing forms, signing documents, and viewing offers.

To log in for the first time:

1. The client opens the email message and clicks the link.

2. On the Sign Up page, the client enters a new password and then clicks Sign Up.

  • Glide auto-populates most of the fields, like First name and Email address. If the client does not see this information, they may not have accessed the Sign Up page from the unique link in the invite email.

  • Glide opens the Client Workspace. It shows the client's name and listing details, along with any outstanding tasks requested by their Agent.

Signing in

Later on, Glide shows the Sign In page each time the client wants to access the Client Workspace.

  • The client enters their email address (the one used to sign up for a Glide account) and password.

Completing forms

To complete forms on Glide, the client follows a guided workflow.

  • In this example, the Seller opens a link to the disclosure package workflow.

1. The Agent creates a request on Glide for a specific action (like completing the disclosure package).

2. Glide sends the Seller an email message with a link to access the relevant workflow.

3. The Seller opens the email message and clicks the link to begin disclosures.

4. The Seller clicks Continue to start the disclosure package workflow.

  • To learn more about how Sellers can complete disclosure forms, click here.

Returning to incomplete forms

Clients do not need to complete all forms in one sitting. They can start to fill in a form, close the Glide page, and return to the form later.

  • Each time the client clicks Continue through the workflow, the information on that page is automatically saved.

To return to an incomplete form:

1. Go to and log in to the Glide account.

2. On the Client Workspace page, the client clicks the Continue button next to the form they want to complete.

  • In this example, the Seller wants to return to complete their disclosure forms.

3. The Seller clicks the Resume button to continue filling in a form.

  • To learn more about how Sellers can revise disclosure forms, click here.

E-signing forms

Clients can save time by using Glide tools to sign documents on Glide electronically.

The Agent sends a message with a link to a file that needs the Seller's signature.

The Seller clicks the link, reads the terms on the first screen, checks the box to agree, and then clicks Start.

The Seller follows the guided workflow and clicks the Sign button. Glide automatically adds a tab to each spot on the form that needs a signature or initials.

Downloading signed documents

After e-signing a document, a "Thank you for signing" page displays. The client clicks the download link on the page to save the document.

Email notification

After all the parties sign the document, Glide sends the client an email message with a link. The client clicks the Download button to save the signed form.

Viewing offers

Listing agents and teams can share offers with their Sellers on Glide.

  • The side-by-side offer comparison tool for Sellers is a client favorite!

To view the offer summaries, the listing team must send the Seller an invite email.

  • To learn more about how to share offers with Sellers, click here.

Once the Seller receives the email:

1. Open the Offers email message from the listing agent and click the link.

2. Sign in to the Glide account.

3. On the Client Workspace, click the Offers tile under the Quick Access heading.

4. Scroll down the Offers page to review key details for each offer.

Communicating with the agent

The Glide platform contains many tools that help improve the quality and speed of communication between the Seller and listing team. Here are two examples.


Listing agents can add notes to an offer. These notes are visible to the Seller but not the buyer side.

The Notes tool can help Sellers make good decisions by providing information that explains complex terms, highlights key facts, or anticipates potential problems with an offer.


Flags are a two-way communication tool between the Seller and listing team. The Flag tool helps resolve problems and answer questions about specific items on disclosure forms.

Both Sellers and listing team members can open a flag or respond to a flag. Here is an example.

The Seller has a question about an item on the disclosure form. They click the Flag for Review button.

That button opens a dialogue box. The Seller enters a question or comment.

Each time the Seller creates a flag, Glide posts the message on the listing team's transaction page. Here, the listing team can quickly respond to the Seller's specific question.

  • To learn more about how Sellers can use flags, click here.

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