This article shows agents and teams how to create a new transaction with the Glide app.

We show you how to create listing, purchase, and lease transactions on the Glide platform. You can also add key details such as parties and property information and apply transaction templates.

Creating a new transaction

The first step is to create a transaction.

1. Open the app and tap the plus (+) button on the main screen.

2. Select the name of the primary agent from the list.

  • If the primary agent's name is not on the list, tap Create new contact, fill in the fields, and tap Save.

3. Tap Continue.

4. Enter the property address manually -- or use the MLS search tool -- and then tap Continue.

Using the MLS search tool

The MLS search tool can reduce typing time because it auto-fills the property fields.

1. Tap the Search by MLS button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap the drop-down menu to select an MLS from the list and then enter the MLS number.

3. Tap Continue.

Selecting a transaction type

The next step in the workflow is to define the transaction type and set the status.

1. Tap the appropriate transaction type and status.

2. To add a template to the transaction, tap the Select template field and select a template from the drop-down menu. (optional)

3. Tap Continue

About templates

A template is a blueprint of parties, documents, and form content applied to new or existing transactions. You can create a template based on different purposes, such as transaction type (e.g. regular or short sale) or property type (e.g. single-family home or condo). It's up to you and your team how to create and organize your transaction templates.

If you are not sure how to use a template, go to the Glide library and read:

Adding parties

The next step is to add parties to the transaction. You can add an agent, a broker, or an admin/TC.

1. To add a party, tap the relevant screen tile and select a name from the list. In the image below, we added a TC to a listing transaction.

  • If the party is not on the contact list, tap Create new contact, fill in the fields, and tap Save.

2. Tap Continue.

3. On the next screen, add one or more buyers or sellers. The image below adds sellers to a listing transaction.

  • You can edit transaction buyers or sellers at a later date. (optional)

4. To add a buyer or seller, select a name on the list.

  • If the party is not on the contact list, tap Create new contact, fill in the fields, and tap Save.

5. Add another party or tap Continue to go to the next screen.

Adding transaction details

The final step in the workflow is adding details about the transaction. This includes items like property information and commissions.

1. Tap a folder and enter the correct information.

  • Add information now or at a later date. (optional)

2. Tap Continue to save the transaction information. The Glide app displays the transaction Overview screen.

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