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How to Create and Submit Multiple Offers
How to Create and Submit Multiple Offers

The smart way to write multiple real estate offers

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In this article, buyer agents and teams learn how to create and submit multiple offers on multiple properties within a single transaction.

Glide's Multiple Offers feature saves buyer agents time because they no longer need to create a new transaction for each offer. The result is a more efficient workflow and less redundant work.

Creating multiple offers for multiple properties is a four-step process:

4. repeat steps 2 & 3 as often as you like

Creating a transaction

1. Log into Glide.

2. Click Transactions on the left menu.

3. Click the New Transaction button.

4. Select the primary agent.

5. On the next page, select Purchase.

6. On the same page, select Nurturing or Actively Searching.

7. On the same page, select a transaction template. (optional)

  • Nurturing: pitching a client

  • Actively Searching: offer not accepted yet

  • Under Contract: an offer was accepted but not closed yet

8. Click Continue.

9. Add a buyer on the next page and then click Continue.

  • You can add team members now or later. (optional)

  • Click Create new contact if your buyer does not have a Glide account.

Understanding the transaction name

On the next page, click the Transaction Name tab.

  • Glide shows the name of the buyer if you do not enter a property address.

Changing the transaction name

You can change the transaction name. (optional)

1. Click the Edit icon.

2. Enter a new name and then click OK.

Adding a property to the transaction

Up to this point, we have created a transaction with a buyer's name. The next step is to add a property address.

1. Click the Add a property tile.

2. Enter a property address.

3. Add details. (optional)

4. Click Next.

  • Glide returns to the Overview page. The transaction name is the same (in this example May Lee) but we now see one property address.

Creating an offer

The next step is to create and submit an offer package for the property.

1. Click the property tile.

2. On the next page, click Prepare an offer package

3. Complete the offer package workflow.

  • Complete the package.

  • Send documents for buyer e-signature.

  • Submit the offer package.

Submitting an offer

The next step is to submit an offer.

1. Return to the transaction Overview page.

2. Click the property with the OFFER STARTED label.

3. Click Continue preparing offer.

4. Click the Next: Prepare Offer Email button.

5. On the Submit Offer page, click Continue.

6. Follow the step by step wizard to complete the offer.

7. On the Compose Offer Email page, you have one more chance to review the package before submitting the offer.

8. Click Continue to submit the offer.

  • Glide returns to the Offer Submitted page.

Revising an offer

If you want to revise the offer, click the Revise button.

Manually changing the Offer Status

If you want to manually change the offer status, click the Submitted dropdown next to Status, then select Accepted, Countered, or Rejected.

Adding a second property

Now we are ready to create and submit an offer on behalf of the same buyer for a different property.

1. On the Offer Submitted page, click the Back button.

  • Glide returns to the transaction Overview page. It shows the name of the transaction (in this example Alicia Roland) and the property address with a submitted offer.

2. Click the Add a property button.

3. Add a property address.

4. Add details. (optional)

  • Glide auto-fills some fields with information from the other property inside this transaction.

5. Click Finish.

  • Glide returns to the Overview page. It displays a new property.

Submitting an offer

1. Click the new property.

2. Click the Prepare an offer package.

3. Follow the same workflow to create and submit an offer package, as described above.

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