Account Management

New account sign up

How agents verify team relationships

Contact Management

How to manage your contacts, parties and address book

Creating and Managing Transactions

How to create a purchase transaction

How to set up a listing transaction

How do I edit the transaction's property address or add parties to a transaction?

How to review and download the transaction activity log

Managing Forms

How to add association libraries to the Glide form library

How to fill in state and local forms on Glide

How agents and teams email documents in Glide

Sending and Managing eSignature Requests

How to send documents for eSignature with Glide Signatures

How to revise eSigned documents

How to revise unsigned documents

Creating Transaction Templates and Clauses

How to create a document template

How to apply a template to a transaction

How to use the clause manager

Creating, Sharing and Managing Disclosure Packages

How to invite clients to complete disclosure forms

How to monitor my client's disclosure packages

How sellers revise their disclosure forms

How to prevent sellers from making changes to their disclosures

How to update disclosure form pdfs with revisions

How listing agents and teams respond to flagged questions from sellers

How listing agents flag disclosure questions for their sellers review and revision

How sellers respond to and revise flagged questions

How listing teams create and share disclosure packages

How listing teams manage shared disclosure packages

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