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Glide Cost Break Down
Glide Cost Break Down

Affordable client solutions.

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In this article, we describe three different Glide packages available to clients. We show you the features and costs so that you can choose the best solution for your real estate needs.

There are three packages:

Glide partnered with state and local associations as well as MLS boards in the State Association of Realtors to provide a free version of Glide.

Partnership terms, do vary, so be sure to get the details from your local jurisdiction or association. For example, Realtors may qualify for additional premium features through their local associations.

Sign up for a free account here to redeem your access to the state and local packages available to you.

There are two versions of the free Glide package.

Local Association Package

This is our standard Glide account package. It is available to local associations that are not members of CRMLS.

Agents can:

  • Fill in C.A.R. forms

  • Use the auto-detect tab tool for signatures, initials, and dates on C.A.R. forms

  • Prepare offers

  • Apply templates

  • Send documents for e-signature and more!

CRMLS Package

This package is available to local associations that are CRMLS members.

Agents can access all the features in the C.A.R. package and more. These extras include:

  • a presentation tool that shows offers in a side-by-side fashion (great for simplifying comparisons)

  • MLS integration

  • free use of Glide Signatures e-sign tool

  • transaction timelines and more...

The free Glide package offers everything agents need to complete a disclosure packet.

We know some users want even more out of Glide.

That's why we offer premium features to Agents, Brokers, and teams for a subscription fee. Our premium features can help make the experience even smoother.

Who can use the Glide Pro plan?

Monthly and annual subscription plans are available to Agents.

  • Team members and TCs automatically receive access to the same premium features -- without paying the cost to upgrade -- when they work on a transaction created by a Glide Pro Agent.

What can you do with Glide Pro?

Agents can access all the features in CRMLS package and more. These extras can streamline document flow, improve client communication, and improve the quality of disclosure responses.

Priority Support

Need help fast? Pro members get priority technical support from Glide's dedicated Customer Support Team.

Transaction Timeline

The Transaction Timeline helps track milestones occurring after an accepted offer through the close of escrow. Glide pulls key dates from the Residential Purchase Agreement (C.A.R. Form RPA) into a customizable timeline. Users can customize the timeline and add key dates.

  • Click HERE to learn more.

Offers Management

The simplest way to receive offer documents, compare key details, manage negotiations and finalize the contract.

  • Click HERE to learn more about this feature.

Premium Seller Disclosures

The Pro plan gives sellers access to the most comprehensive disclosure risk-management software around. It identifies and explains common and costly risk factors unique to your sellers' disclosures.

  • Click HERE to learn more.

Collaborative Commenting*

Tackle client questions efficiently. This unique tool allows Agents and Clients to communicate back and forth within Glide and resolve questions easily.

  • Click HERE to learn more.

**Note: CRMLS users with a Glide account receive this feature.

Multi-Unit AVIDs

Agents and admin can set the number of units when creating a transaction. You can also set Glide to prompt the agent to automatically complete a different AVID for each unit.

AVID Templates

Glide Pro allows Agents to create AVID templates that automatically add pre-determined, custom language to every AVID completed on Glide.

Semantic Analysis

Glide Pro analyzes written statements on forms (TDS, SPQ and AVID) and creates a warning for risky words. This tool helps Agents and Sellers avoid answers that might unintentionally misdiagnose Property conditions.

Integrated Advisories and Audit Trail

Glide Pro delivers timestamped advisory content to the seller before completing the disclosure packet. It also generates PDF certificates that show the full audit trail of every transaction.


Glide Pro is $399/year per agent ($33.25/month per user if billed annually) - OR - $45/month per user if billed month-to-month (no contract or commitment).

If your brokerage has 50 or more agents, send an email to You may be eligible to receive a significant discount by signing up for Glide's Brokerage Edition, which provides even more features and functionality.

Glide's Brokerage Edition provides brokerages and teams with bulk discounts for their agents to utilize premium features in addition to features that improve administrative oversight across teams.

Your team also gets priority technical support from a personal Account Manager.

Click on a feature to learn more:


If you are on a team or part of a brokerage interested in providing premium Glide accounts across the organization, talk to us.

We have great deals for you! 

Click HERE to learn more.

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