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How Listing Agents Flag Disclosure Questions for their Sellers' Review and Revision
How Listing Agents Flag Disclosure Questions for their Sellers' Review and Revision

Move document completion forward by flagging questions for your client.

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This article shows Listing agents and teams how to flag questions on disclosure forms and help sellers provide more accurate complete responses.

The flagging feature can improve the disclosures completion process by allowing listing agents and teams to:

  • leave notes and tips on questions that often present challenges for sellers

  • provide feedback that helps sellers respond properly to a question not answered correctly the first time

Opening a question

The first step is to open a disclosure form and locate the question you want to flag. This can be done at any step during the review process, whether the disclosure status is Sent, Started, Ready to Submit, or Submitted.

  • In this example, the agent reviews seller responses on the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement. The agent uses the Flagging feature to leave the seller information that guides them to the correct response since the question was answered incorrectly.


  • This same process is also used by listing agents and teams to proactively leave notes and tips on a question before the seller enters an answer. This can avoid the need for sellers to return to Glide to make revisions.

Opening a document

1. On the Glide Transactions page, select the relevant listing transaction.

  • If you have a long list, use the search feature to locate the transaction.

2. Go to the Disclosure Package page and click Manage under the Invite Sellers to Fill Disclosures section.

3. Scroll down to Guided Forms, locate the document you want to modify, and then click Edit.

  • After you click Edit, the document opens.

Locating a question

Once the document opens, there are two ways to locate a question that requires a flag.

1 Search field

Enter a keyword in the search field. This method is helpful when you know exactly which question you want to flag on the document.

2 Open Preview PDF

Click the Preview PDF button at the top of the page.

Use the left-side navigation panel to follow the structure of the PDF.

  • Locate a section and question based on the form.

Flagging a question

After you locate the question you want to flag for the seller, click Flag for Review.

  • Remember, in this example, the seller has already submitted responses. The agent can flag questions before the seller submits answers to ensure the seller completes the form correctly the first time.

Hover your cursor underneath the question to locate the Flag for Review button

After clicking Flag for Review, a new field displays at the bottom right side of the screen:

  1. Type a comment or question in the text field.

  2. Check the box next to Send notification.

  3. Click the Flag icon to save the flag.


Click the Flag button for each flagged item to save the text.

  • If you don't save each item, the agent's questions and comments are lost and are not visible to the seller or team members.

Sending notifications

Check the box next to Send notification.

  • When you check the box, Glide sends the seller an email notification about your comment.

  • If the box is not checked, an email is not sent now but can be sent with a group of comments later that will appear at the top of the form sections.


Email notification is always recommended because it informs sellers who are not logged into Glide about your comments.

  • If you respond to multiple flags simultaneously, we suggest you leave all boxes unchecked, save every comment, and then scroll up to the top of the page. Look for the banner and click Notify. In this way, the seller receives one email with all the comments together.

  • If you check all the boxes, the seller gets a separate email for each comment.

Tracking responses

There are two ways to track seller responses.

1 On the Glide workspace

When a seller responds to an Agent's flagged question, the results automatically appear on the agent's workspace under the Guided Forms heading, the Agent just has to click on the Flag for Review button.

  • In the example below, the seller-provided two responses to the agent's flagged question about wiring.

2 Email notifications

The agent receives an email notification when the seller completes the document workflow changes and re-submits the forms.

  • Note: if the seller does not re-submit a form, an email notification is not sent to the agent.

To read seller responses from an email notification:

1. Open your email account.

2. Open the Glide message and click the Manage Packet button.

3. Review the seller’s response on the Guided Forms page.

4. Click the checkmark button if the matter is complete.

5. Send a reply if more discussion is required.

Resolving flags

If you click the Resolve Flag icon, the flagged question disappears from your workspace and the seller’s workspace, too.

  • Note: the seller cannot resolve a flag created by the agent.

More information

To learn more about collaborative communication, visit the Glide training, library, and read:

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