For Agents & Teams

1. Agents and teams learn how to complete a key first step: direct sellers to the Glide platform to begin the disclosure completion process.

2. Agents/teams learn how to respond to flagged comments and questions created by their clients using Glide's "Flag for review" tool.

3. Agents/teams learn how to Flag disclosure questions for their clients; a proactive approach that can help sellers answer questions accurately the first time and reduce the amount of time spent on revisions.

For Clients

1. A general introduction that helps sellers find and complete disclosure documents on Glide.

2. Sellers learn how to use Flags, a tool to share comments or questions with agents, teams and other sellers.

3. Sellers learn how to review flagged comments from their listing team and revise answers.

4. Revisions to forms should be simple! Instead of using flags, we show sellers another easy way to open disclosure documents and modify answers.

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