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When there is more than one Seller completing the form, and one has started, does the disclosure allow both to complete separate sections?

Yes, you can have sellers complete separate sections of each form. Glide will save answers immediately after they are selected. One seller can start the disclosure forms, and the other seller can finish them at a later time.

Does the NHD report get sent to escrow as well?

You can add Escrow information on the last NHD Order Details page just before placing the order in Glide.

Disclosures can only be printed AFTER Sellers have sent them back? I'm working with an attorney who wants to print a hard copy BEFORE they send it.

You can download disclosure forms from the Seller Disclosures tile, however these would only be previews of the forms since they have not been filled out by the seller yet.

Can we do a test emailing of the documents to ourselves and fill them in as if we are the seller?

Yes, absolutely. You would just need to remove the seller/buyer before sending for esignature, choose add a recipient, then add yourself as the seller as well (with a separate email address if you want the agent/seller tabs to still be separated). Just don't forget to remove yourself as a seller for the transaction afterwards.

Are all required disclosure forms automatically added according to the city the listing is located at?

No, only the TDS and SPQ disclosure forms will be added by default. You can choose any additional forms from the disclosure dropdown as part of the disclosures workflow, or you can upload any forms from your computer to send off to the seller as well.

Can the listing agent respond to questions from the seller on the TDS before they sign it?

Yes. View this article for more in depth information found here.

How do you flag sections on the TDS or SPQ for the seller to be aware of?

See the instructions on how to flag sections of the TDS or SPQ here.

Can review what the seller is filling out on the TDS and SPQ before they sign everything?

Yes, an Agent can click into "Invite Sellers to Fill Disclosures" tile, in the Disclosures section of the transaction, and review the documents before the seller signs.

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