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Does Glide currently have a File Management system for Brokers?

Yes, you can find information about all of the File Management options available for Brokerages here.

Does Glide have checklists we can create and use within the platform?

Glide for Brokerages, our brokerage transaction management solution has a checklist option that is currently being tested for production. The Checklist feature will be a paid premium add on to the existing free base package Brokerage Edition of Glide.

Is there a limit to the number of members I can invite to my brokerage?

You can invite an unlimited number of members to your brokerage in Glide.

Why would I invite someone as a guest instead of a member to my brokerage in Glide?

The guest role can be selected for individuals you invite to the brokerage in Glide that are not part of your brokerage. For instance, this could be a transaction coordinator that works with one of your agents, but is not part of your brokerage.

How long are transactions kept in Glide? Is there an automatic archive/deletion after a certain time?

Transactions are kept indefinitely in Glide. You can archive transactions manually from the Transactions dashboard. You can find out how to archive transactions here.

If you are a working broker, doing your own transactions, do you make yourself a member?

You will not need to invite yourself as a member in the brokerage in Glide. As a broker, once we help set up your brokerage account, you will already have the ability to create transactions within the brokerage.

Do the agents in my brokerage need to have a Glide Pro membership to have access to complete disclosures and forms from CAR?

No, any CAR member will receive access to the entire CAR standard form library as well as all seller disclosure forms currently in Glide. Click here to find out how to get access to the CAR standard form library and verify CAR membership.

Can I have my own broker branding placed on my brokerage forms and within the Glide platform?

Yes, you can do both. To have your broker branding added to your brokerage forms which can be accessed directly within the form library within Glide, contact our brokerage team at Brokerage@glide.com. You can also upload a custom logo for your brokerage from the Administration Settings page within Glide.

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