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How to Respond to Counteroffers
How to Respond to Counteroffers

Here's how negotiating terms with the other side can be done more effectively inside of Glide.

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So you've received a counteroffer through Glide. What happens next? You can choose to accept, reject or counter the counteroffer.

Here's how.

How do you know the other party countered your offer?

Glide provides notifications to assist in tracking the status of an offer.


In this example, the email includes the property address, the agent's custom message (if the agent added one), and a link to review the counteroffer on Glide.

Updates on Glide

Glide automatically updates the Documents section and the Activity log on the Offers Management page - for all buyer-side and listing-side actions tracked by Glide.

In the example below, the buyer agent can:

  • open and read the listing agent's SCO

  • track the date and time of listing team actions related to this transaction (e.g. when the listing agent sent the counteroffer)

Opening the offer package

The first step is to open the Offer Package page.

1. On the left menu, click Offer Package.

2. After reviewing the counteroffer, decide which of three possible actions to take.

Want to Accept?

If you click the Accept button, Glide launches a workflow that requires several steps to complete. Clicking the Accept button - by itself - does not bind the buyer to an agreement; however, it will start the workflow to submit the accepted counteroffer.

Want to Reject?

If you click the Reject button, Glide opens an email message window. Clicking the Reject button - by itself - does not generate a response.

Want to Counter?

To create a counteroffer, select Counter and continue through this workflow.

Selecting your Response

As you've seen, there are three possible responses to take.

In this example, we will continue to negotiate the offer terms by sending a counteroffer back to the listing agent by following these steps:

1. Click Counter to select the most recent offer document that requires a signature. In a negotiation involving offers and counteroffers, the most recent document appears at the top of the list.

  • In this example, the buyer team counters the listing side's SCO - 1.

  • This ensured that correct signature tabs will be placed on your documents. To learn more about auto-tabbing on Glide, click here.

2. Select how to create a counter for this property.

  • If you have a completed Buyer Counteroffer (BCO) on your device, click I have already prepared a counter and upload the file.

  • In this example, we create a BCO on Glide, so we select I need to create a Counter with Glide.

3. In the open BCO file, fill in fields and enter terms.

  • Glide auto-names the file. Click the field to change the name, and then click the Save icon. (optional)

4. Click the Save and Close button.

Signing the document

1. On the Counter Offer Package page, locate the BCO form, click the three-dot button, and select eSign.

2. Complete the e-sign workflow, add an email message for the seller (optional), and click Continue.

  • Glide sends the client a message with a request to review and sign the counteroffer.

Waiting for a signature

At this point, you can close the Offer Package page while waiting for the client to sign.

  • To check the signature status of the document, click Signatures on the left menu.

Returning to Submit the Signed Counteroffer Documents

When the status changes to Complete, open the Offer Package page and finish the workflow to submit the package to the other side.

1. Click Offer Package on the left menu.

2. At the bottom of the page, click Next: Prepare Offer Email.

3. Click Continue in the popup box to confirm the buyer team reviewed the document(s) and obtained the required signatures.

Creating a summary

The rest of the workflow involves three key steps:

  • confirm counteroffer details in the summary

  • review and customize send options

  • email the counteroffer package to the listing team

The buyer team should be familiar with these steps. This workflow is similar to what the buyer team used to create and submit the original offer.

Viewing the status change

Buyer side

After the buy-side clicks Continue to email the counteroffer package to the listing agent, Glide returns to the Offer Package page.

  • The status of the buyer counteroffer changes to Countered.

  • Scroll down the page to see a list of counters.

Listing side

The status changes on the listing side to Received Counter.

  • When the listing team scrolls down the page, they can see a list of the counter terms.

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