Automatically Apply Signature Tabs

Glide can automatically place signature tabs on many forms. In many cases, auto-tabbing forms is available to users for free.

  • For Free Glide accounts, auto-tabbing of fillable forms and auto-tabbing of forms generated in the process of completing a guided form (ie. TDS, AVID, etc.) are included free. However, uploaded PDFs will be eligible for auto-tabbing in transactions where the primary agent has Glide Pro.

  • For information on how to use Glide Auto-Tabbing, click here.

Split merged PDFs in seconds

Glide can automatically split a PDF containing multiple forms into individual PDFs. This feature is commonly used for disclosure packages and scanned documents.

  • Auto-splitting is enabled for all teammates on transactions where the primary agent has Glide Pro. Auto-Splitting is not a free feature provided with the Free Glide account.

  • For information on how to use Glide Auto-Splitting, click here.

Special Considerations for Transaction Coordinators and Supporting Teammates

A few TCs have expressed that they would like Glide to offer a way for TCs to purchase these features on their own. We were humbled to learn that many independent coordinators have used the time savings from features like these to scale up their businesses dramatically. We are evaluating ways for these users to use these features across all of the transactions that they service.

We have begun engaging with the TC community, and we expect the research & development process to take approximately 3 to 5 weeks. During this time, Glide is extending the free trail period for TCs to continue to enjoy auto-tabbing and auto-splitting.

If you have suggestions for how this can be done, we encourage you to share your thoughts by emailing us at

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