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CRMLS + Offers Integration
CRMLS + Offers Integration

Agents can fill and send offers and counteroffers, compare, share and sign offers in less time than ever.

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Glide has created the first-of-its-kind integrated system that allows you to create, send, and manage offers in a single place.

Even better, Glide creates a unique transaction URL to share on the MLS' "agent remarks" section. That means buyer agents can click the URL to use Glide's online platform to create and submit signed offers securely and efficiently that will be received by the listing agent.

How it works

Agents who want to submit an offer on Glide click the URL. That click opens a guided workflow. As the buyer agent moves the workflow, Glide automatically pulls property address and agent information and pre-fills relevant sections in the offer package.

In a step-by-step fashion, buyer agents can create and submit a signed offer package directly to the listing agent on Glide.

Creating an online offer

Creating a signed offer package on Glide and submitting it to the listing agent -- starting from a CRMLS listing -- is a three-step process.

If you are not signed in to your Glide account, Glide displays the login page. Enter your ID and password.

  • If you don't have a Glide account, sign up for free. It only takes a few seconds to complete.

Step 1 Opening your Glide account

After you click the Glide button on a CRMLS listing, the Glide portal page opens.

1. Click the Submit Offer button.

2. To begin the offer workflow, click Get started on the next page.

3. Add the primary agent, click Continue, and move through the guided workflow.

  • Complete all steps until you get to the Offer Package page.

To learn more about how to create an offer on Glide, see:

Step 2 Creating a signed offer

The third step is to return to the workflow and complete the offer package.

1. On the Offer Package page, click the file to open the document.

2. Use the Outline tool to complete the offer document.

  • Complete the workflow until you send a signed offer package to the listing agent.

Learn more

To learn more about completing a signed offer and submitting the package to the client, see:


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