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Are you working on adding an Outlook integration?

Yes, this is in the process of being added.

How does Glide work together with Disclosures.iO?

We do not integrate with Disclosures.io at this time. You would need to use each system separately.

What is the difference between a Glide Pro Account and the regular Free Glide Account, besides the price?

You can learn all about the additional features accessible with a Glide Pro Account here.

Does Glide keep a log of all emails sent through the system?

Yes, under the Activity section within a transaction, you will be able to view all Email Communications sent through Glide, and any emails outside of Glide that CC'd the unique Glide email found at the top of the Documents section.

What browsers can I use to access Glide?

Glide works with any browser, however we recommend either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the best experience.

Where do we enter and save all agent and broker information that is used (agent license #, broker license #, phone numbers, etc)?

You can adjust contact information by clicking on your profile dropdown, selecting Account Settings, then selecting Address Book. Hover over a contact, click the ellipsis, then select Edit.

Do we need to add the unique Glide email into each email we send to the buyer/seller to have glide add it to the Activity section?

Only for email communications conducted outside of Glide.

Do you have a customer service phone number to call and ask questions?

We don’t have a phone number, but if you click the Support link located on the top right of your transactions dashboard after logging into Glide, then clicking the Send Us a Message button, our support team can give you an outbound call.

How secure is your email tool?

You can read about our security here.

Can I access past ZipForm transactions through Glide?

We no longer integrate with zipForm because we can generate the C.A.R. forms ourselves here at Glide. Learn more here.

Can Agents approve TC’s through their email? What does the TC/Agent verification email request access look like?

Yes, agents will receive an email with a button that reads "Grant Access" in the middle of the email. Agents can click on that button to approve a TC's access. You can view an example of the entire process, including the email here.

If I have multiple TC's, can we set up a TC corporate account and assign all TC's to a particular agent?

We do not have a “TC Account”. However, you can create transaction templates and add your colleagues as part of the listing team on templates so they are automatically invited whenever the template is applied.

For parties added to the transaction, what is the difference between "not invited" and "not registered"?

If they are an existing Glide user, and you added them to the transaction, they are registered but you have not yet officially invited them. If they are “not registered”, they do not have an active account. They would need to log in for the first time.

If you have an agent who has not used glide and does not have an account already, when they receive the request to verify me as their TC, will they have to create an account at that time?

Yes, they will.

Does Glide connect to ZipForms?

Any new transaction created will not connect to ZipForm. For transactions created before 1/20/21, you will still be able to sync with zipForm to complete that transaction.

Where are our files stored when a transaction is done, and for how long?

Although you are legally required to keep your documents for three years, your forms and files are stored indefinitely in Glide.

Why do agents need to verify their CAR membership?

Verifying an agent's membership with C.A.R. allows Glide to provide the applicable form libraries for that agent. This is a one-time action to ensure compliance with C.A.R. regulations. Please click here to learn more about verifying your account.

How do TCs verify their agent's CAR membership? Does this happen every time I make a new transaction?

Each time an agent works with a new Transaction Coordinator (TC), there will be a one time verification process. The TC can initiate this from their own account, or the agent can give permission from their account. In the TC's Glide account, the TC can request verification by clicking the Remind Agent button at the top of the transaction. When creating a transaction for the first time, the agent can add the TC when adding parties to the listing by checking the box that says "Invite to transaction". The agent can also add the TC in at any time by adding a new party to the transaction and checking the box that says "Invite to transaction". Click here to learn more.

Can you use the same email address for multiple contacts?

Yes, you can.

Where can I find a list of the MLS's that Glide is a partnered with?

You can find a complete list of our MLS partnerships here.

Is Glide going to be in other States, besides California?

Yes, we are expanding to all 50 States in the near future.

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