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If you use PRDS forms, how does that work with Glide?

Once you connect with CAR through the CAR verification process found here, you will receive access to the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS® Library (PRDS forms).

Can you upload a signature using Glide Signatures?

No, you cannot. The signatures are pre-populated.

How do we load specific Local Association or Brokerage forms into Glide?

If your Local Association or Brokerage already has their forms in Glide, you can choose Upload From Library to upload the forms to the Documents section. If they are not available in Glide, you can upload them from your computer as PDFs.

Can you still edit signature tabs once you have already sent the form for signature?

As long as the forms are unsigned, you can use the Revise tool to edit and resend the form for signature with the updated signature tabs. Learn how to use the Revise tool here. If the form has already been signed by one or more parties, you can void and duplicate the signature request instead. Find out how to use the void and duplicate tool here.

I had an issue where I mistyped an email for Glide Signatures and I wasn’t able to correct it. Is there a way to do this without voiding and starting over?

You will first need to change the email address in the Details and Parties section in the transaction (instructions found here). Once the email address has been changed, as long as the forms are unsigned, you can use the Revise tool to edit and resend the form for signature with the updated email address. Learn how to use the Revise tool here. If any forms in the envelope have already been signed by one or more parties, you can void and duplicate the signature request instead. Find out how to use the void and duplicate tool here.

Is there a way to monitor the progress of client signatures?

Yes, you can view the progress of any envelope sent for signature from the Signatures section, which is located on the left-hand navigation menu within any transaction. In the Signatures section, hover over the Status column to view signature progress.

Can I access and add a specific form belonging to a board that I am not a member of to my purchase transaction?

If you are a TC with an Agent who is a member, then yes, after you verify the TC/Agent relationship within Glide. Otherwise, no.

Can you use Glide Signatures for documents outside of the forms?

Yes, but the signature tabs would not be automatically detected when sending for eSignature. You would need to add the signature tabs manually to the form before sending.

If you merge forms but keep the originals, will edit to the original also update the merged form?

No, since they would now be considered separate forms after the merge.

Can commonly used form field verbiage be saved onto Transaction Template forms?

Yes, you can click into any form in a template, hover over a field, then select Insert Clause. Choose a clause from your clause manager, then select insert. Save and close the form. You can view more information on how to set up your Clause Manager here.

Does Glide have a Cover Sheet like the one in ZipForms?

Yes, the Details and Parties section acts as a cover sheet for your transaction.

When adding tabs to a form, what is a Radio tab?

Unlike a checkbox, which is used for selecting one or more options, a radio tab is used exclusively for "if this or that'' statements. This is also known as conditional terms.

Is Glide linked with Docusign or can it be considered a replacement?

We have an integration with DocuSign, so if you have an existing account you can send for signature with DocuSign. We also have Glide Signatures if you want to use our free eSignature tool.

When CAR introduces new forms and says they will be bundled with another form, does Glide bundle the forms as well?

Yes, we worked with C.A.R. so forms like the RPA, RLA, and more are bundled.

If we use DocuSign for signatures through Glide instead of Glide Signatures, do we get all of the usual DocuSign features? Text, checkboxes, etc.?

Yes, you will have your standard DocuSign options.

Will forms within transaction templates be automatically updated when entities update forms?

Yes, Glide is working closely with C.A.R. and whenever there are updates to C.A.R. forms, Glide will update our system and the template you've created will be updated. In the event that you apply the template to a transaction prior to the release of an updated form, you will need to remove the form and re-add it to your transaction.

Will Glide automatically add additional forms that are necessary when filling out forms?

Yes, we’ve built in that conditional logic.

When using Glide Signatures, can one sign or write an actual signature of one’s choice instead of font letters pre-selected on default by Glide?

Not at this time, but this is something we are currently working on.

Can I sign on my agent's behalf as the TC?

No, you cannot.

Will there be an option for a tenant to fill out the Move-In Inspection form through Glide in the near future?

This form is 100% available for all transactions created on or after January 20th, when we launched the new features. Any transaction created BEFORE January 20th will not have this form.

What forms are available in the latest version of Glide?

You can find a full list of our available forms here.

Can contacts have the same email address for e-Signature purposes?

No, they can not. Emails are tied to contacts in your address book in Glide. Only one email address can be assigned per person.

Can you set a signature or initial as optional when using Glide Signatures?

Yes, you can uncheck the Required field checkbox after adding a tab to a form to make it an optional tab.

I have two state licenses, can I have both state's forms here?

Right now we only offer C.A.R. forms and many California local association forms. If there are forms from another state that you are interested in, please email success@glide.com to let us know. We value your feedback when considering where we expand next.

Can you access the CAR and Local Association forms without going through a particular property transaction?

Yes, you can access them through the Buyer Prospects section of the Glide platform as well.

Can you set a signing order?

Yes, you can. Find the instructions here.

When sending for signature through Glide Signatures, who is shown as the sender when the receiver gets the email notification?

On the final page before sending for signature, you will be able to choose who the email is from. This can be yourself as the TC, or you can choose to have it come from the agent's email.

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