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What Features are Included in the CRMLS Account Package
What Features are Included in the CRMLS Account Package

Realtor members of local associations within the CRMLS network receive enhanced account features in Glide

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CRMLS Package Features

Through Glide's partnership with CRMLS, eligible members enjoy premium features added to their Glide account to facilitate faster, simpler, and safer transactions.


  • Collaborative Comments: The CRMLS package includes unlimited flagging and commenting between the parties on the listing transaction.

Learn more about how to respond to your seller's flagged disclosure questions here.

Additional Form Libraries

  • Local Association & CRMLS forms available as fillable PDFs

  • Auto-Tabbing for local forms prepared and filled in Glide

Learn more about which local form libraries are available for filling here.

Learn more about Glide's auto-tabbing feature here.

Local MLS Integrations

Glide's integration with CRMLS allows for Glide users to:

  • Import Data from the MLS into your Glide transaction

Learn more about the CRMLS data integration benefits here.


  • Create: Buyers' agents can use the Offer workflow to enjoy the best offer document completion experience.

  • Manage: Listing agents can receive offers, review, organize, and track all offer activity from start to finish within their Glide transaction. Learn more, here.

  • Present: Share offers and key details in "presentation mode" with sellers to enhance the client service.

  • Negotiate: Both sides of the transaction can use Glide to prepare counteroffer forms, or accept or reject an offer or counteroffer.

Learn more about the premium offers features available to CRMLS members here.

Transaction Timeline:

  • Analyze R.P.A. key dates and schedule reminders

  • Automatically account for weekends and holidays

  • Create templates for frequently used custom dates

  • Sync to Google or Outlook calendar or email

  • Share timeline details with others

  • Set and receive reminders for key dates

Learn more about creating and sharing a transaction timeline here.

Realtors who are not part of CRMLS may utilize these features by purchasing Glide Pro. Learn more at


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